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Once again, Matt over at “No BS Beard Reviews“ showed Bearded Fox the love by putting us in his Top 5 Beard Balms...knocking off some industry titans. Thanks again Matt!


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Another great review from Matt over at YouTube channel "No BS Beard Reviews".  Be sure to check out his channel and become a subscriber. His following has grown in leaps and bounds in only the few months since he started!  He gives honest, no bullsh!t reviews (duh...hence, the name) loaded with information to help all the bearded fox out there make wise decisions before spending their hard earned money.  Oh, and gives you a discount code during the review.

Matt over at NOBS Beard Reviews let us really know what he thought about our newest scent - DIRTY LAKE FLOATERS.  Check out his review, get a discount code...and subscribe to his channel.  His vast list of reviews gives you all the info you need before you buy anything beard related.

What the fox you’re saying


Kade M - Sulphur, LA

This oil (the GOOD shit) is something special. Although it's oily in the hand, it really doesn't make your beard shine that much. Instead, it softens it like nothing I've used before. High quality stuff. It's absolutely a man's scent. I'll be ordering The Bearded Fox's entire lineup in the future.  (He has since ordered everything)


Ethan E. - Lake Charles, LA

As I was unboxing my balm (Drunk Grandpa), I could already tell I would love it. The scent had a strong cherry front scent that's very sweet. The after notes of the tobacco "smokiness" and the faint linger of whiskey make this a winning scent. I would recommend to anyone with a love for cherry and an appreciation for a scent that lasts all day.


Scott Mc. - Fort Myers, FL

Scent is complex and intoxicating. Find myself sniffing it when I walk by my beard shelf. Great oil, great ingredients. Highly recommend.