Whats going on during Covid-19

With people losing jobs, the economy tanking, businesses being closed...we decided to pack the family up and head to seclusion.  Now granted, it’s seclusion with wifi and a GREAT BIG LAKE!  But the place isn’t large enough to support a full blown beard products company, so we are just making a limited supply of oils  .


Our First scent of 2020

The Guy, Behind The Guy...behind the guy

Secret Handshakes in Elite Societies, Hidden Libraries Full of Rare First Editions, Italian Leather Inside Exotic Vehicles, Filthy Money, Closets Full of Custom Suits in Mansions All Over the World, Worldwide VIP Access into Anywhere Anytime...and Nobody Knows Who You Are!

Our newer delicacies


Plum Smuggler

We crafted a “hidden gem” with the sweetened scent of Plum Brandy, coupled with a rich dark chocolate and even darker exotic wood (Cocobolo).  There is even the hint of roasted figs from right off the grill.  When it comes to the name “Plum Smuggler”, whatever you do, do not do an image search online.  Some images cannot be unseen!  Enjoy!


Sweet Hangover

The boozy sweetness and strong smell of moonshine will make you wonder if we copied Uncle Cooter’s moonshine recipe made from apples or we copied Aunt Steve’s apple pie recipe soaked with liquor (don’t ask!). Either way, Sweet Hangover......it’s deeeee-licious!  It’s a fantastic fall scent, but moonshine and apple pie are pretty good all year round.


Scumbag Boogie

Named after the greatest of old-style greaser haircuts...the Scumbag Boogie.  This is not your typical “walking into the barbershop“ scent.  Scumbag Boogie is the smell of the pomade in your hair, the powdered neck duster, and the warmed shaving cream for the neck shave.  


Return of the Mack

We took three different interpretations of the infamous Oud scent and combined them with a little inspiration from our friend Scott (of “BeardTimes”). Why “Return of the Mack” you ask?  The smell is mid-2000’s club/bar scene.  Scott was a kick-ass hardcore drummer and the Bearded Fox owner was a kick-ass DJ back in those days!


One-Eyed Woodsmith

The One-Eyed Woodsmith is a tribute to the greatest high school class ever....Woodshop!  Our teacher....we shit you not...had a glass eye!  For some reason, he was always stressing tool safety.  The scent itself is of freshly cut wood.  Wether it by powersaw or your felling axe, enjoy the scent and always wear safety glasses!


Halfway to Cumming

Get your minds out of the gutter!  Here in Central Iowa we have a vast network of bike trails...one of which is a popular 8 mile stretch from Des Moines to Cumming.  At the midpoint is a magical place where we enjoy our “roadies”. If you do happen to make it the whole way, the bartender in Cumming is the God of Mules and Mojitos!




BEARDED FOX originated simply from NEED. The need to finally put an end to my constant beardruff, itchiness, and the damage that came from years of neglect. We crafted that remedy and are now making the best beard balm and oils available for everyone. We can turn your beard into a great beard and turn that great beard into an EPIC beard.



Firstly, we wanted ingredients that did their goddamn jobs. Made with Cera Alba, Simmondsia Chinensis, Argania Spinoza, Prunus Dulcis, Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides, Tocopheryl Acetate Oils, Aloe Barbadensis Extract, Mangifera Indica Seed and Butyrospermum Parkii Fruit Butters. Granted, these are the fancy botanical names for the all-natural sh!t that works.



Our subtle fragrances are of the manly persuasion, frankly, because only the fellas have beards. The beard balms and oils are named after life experiences, either nostalgic or just plain farcical, and smell accordingly. Business execs, truckers, hipsters, even Santa Claus impersonators will find something befitting.

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Our Latest reviews

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The ”Trusted Teacher” himself, Dan C from Dan C Bearded did a review of our entire lineup, including the newly released Buddha Funk!  Let’s just say that the overwhelming response nearly broke us...literally!  His wife also gets in on the action with the lady’s perspective. Subscribe to his channel for the most in-depth information on everything bearded. Thanks Dan C and Sam C!  He‘s got a discount code for you as well!

With just a few weeks before our 1st anniversary, the word keeps spreading and this review by Scott over at Beard Times With Scott really caps off our year!  Scott is pretty serious about his reviews and gives it to you straight.  Subscribe to his channel for his knowledge of everything beard.  

SPOILER ALERT - He might say “Best of 2019” at some point!

Matt over at NOBS Beard Reviews let us really know what he thought about our newest scent - DIRTY LAKE FLOATERS.  Check out his review, get a discount code...and subscribe to his channel.  His vast list of reviews gives you all the info you need before you buy anything beard related.

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